Operation Khanyisa

Operation Khanyisa electricity lines

Electricity theft is illegal and so is it’s connections. What you steal today, robs communities of tomorrow. A national survey was conducted to determine the level of awareness around electricity theft and the results were shocking!

Results have shown that electricity is the third most stolen commodity following credit card information and vehicles. That’s an unfortunate fact for South Africans.

With so many South Africans and businesses feeling the effects of power outages, load shedding, and problems with our national power grid, the responsibility to save and use electricity wiser is higher than ever before.

On Operation Khanyisa, we’ll help educate you about electricity theft and what to do to prevent it. We want to help South Africans to be prepared for any situation as Eskom load shedding looms over the nation. We’ll provide information on generator setup, alternative energy solutions for homes, businesses, and more.