Electricity theft is not just an Eskom problem as it affects the whole country, and calls for a nationwide approach in tackling the problem. To this end, Operation Khanyisa has recruited core partners to its campaign. These partners cut across the private and public sectors.

These core partners, which lend their brands, voice and presence to Operation Khanyisa, ensure a strong national drive, reaching a range of diverse constituencies, including business, media, crime prevention and local government.

The campaign is, however, not limited to these organisations, and we invite others to join us as strategic and/or operational partners. Others associated with the campaign include AgriSA, the South African Police Service and the National Prosecuting Authority.

The partnership campaign involves close consultation with partners on a regular basis in order to share information and solve problems. These structured engagements ensure that all partners are kept up to date on developments, and that the campaign is able to make use of partner platforms and constituencies to broaden the reach of the Operation Khanyisa message.

This section gives stakeholders and partners information about what Operation Khanyisa is doing to curb the problem of electricity theft. You can also download resources such as the Operation Khanyisa Pledge to let everybody know you support the campaign to put a stop to electricity theft.

We call upon all interested parties and organisations to join the movement for legal power use by sending an email to