What to look out for you think electricity is being stolen

If you suspect that someone is illegally using electricity in your area, please take a look at the following ways on what to look for to identify it. Electricity is usually stolen in the form of illegal connections, illegal prepaid vouchers, or meter tampering.

Illegal Connections

Electricity theft kills and injures many innocent children and toddlers every year. Illegal connections are extremely dangerous because incorrect wiring is used, and the wires running across floors, pathways, or streets are often not insulated. In most cases, the earth leakage unit, which serves as protection against any accidental contact, is bypassed.

People and animals are at risk of death or serious injury if they come into contact with these wires. In most instances, it is young children who are the innocent victims of illegal connections.

Illegal Prepaid Vouchers

Research has shown that millions of Rands in revenue is lost each year as a result of the illegal buying and selling of prepaid electricity vouchers issued through stolen prepaid Credit Dispensing Units. Multiple arrests have been made over the past few years with many convictions on matters relating to illegal vending.

Meter Tampering

One of the myths about electricity theft is that it is a “township problem”. The reality is very different. Electricity theft is happening everywhere, including in business, industry, and commerce. Illegal connections and meter tampering are happening and very visible in certain residential areas. In the business sector, meter tampering and bypassing are much more discreet and sophisticated and difficult to detect.

If you suspect illegal electricity activities in your area, be sure to contact the authorities. Here at Operation Khanyisa, we’ve provided some information on how to report electricity theft here.